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Smart Home Security Systems in The Greater Houston Area

Lights, locks, doors, thermostats, appliances and cameras installed at your residence can be controlled and monitored by a single smart home security system.

No matter if you're at home or away, you'll know that OFSA Tech has your back with the most reliable smart home security system in the Greater Houston area.

OFSA Tech lets you add a Z-wave interface module in the smart home security system enables you to manage a wide range of home security devices with a virtual keypad on your smart phone or personal device, or via the virtual keypad browser on your laptop or tablet.

Smart Home Security Systems

OFSA Tech Has Devices Connected For Smart Home Security in Houston Area

OFSA Tech partners with only the most trusted security service providers. Customers trust our smart products, as well as the convenience and peace of mind we provide through our connected security systems.

Your smart phone or device, tablet, laptop, thermostat, motion sensor, smart appliances, garage door, lights, locks, alarms, cameras and other household functions or devices can have the ability to create a total interconnected smart system for your home, thanks to OFSA Tech smart security systems.

Smart Security Virtual Keypad By OFSA Tech

An OFSA Tech smart security virtual keypad comes with several features that include:

 Home and commercial automation
  • Arm/Disarm the system and check system status
  • Receive push notifications and view the history of alarm events, arming/disarming, and troubles
  • False-alarm reduction, prompting users with “Is This A False Alarm?” when they receive an alarm alert, allowing them immediately to confirm or cancel the alarm
  • View live video and still images from up to six cameras
  • Control all Z-wave devices, including thermostats, lights, locks, appliances, garage doors, and more
  • Create a closed group that control multiple Z-Wave devices with a single tap
  • Create actions, allowing you to associate members of the closed group to activate specific events
  • Take a picture of a room or area and add hotspots to control pictured devices
  • Mobile device acts as a point of reference for geo-fencing functions
  • Add, delete, edit system users and user profiles

Why Choose OFSA Tech For Smart Home Security Systems in Greater Houston?

OFSA Tech focuses on delivering the most effective and dependable security for homes and businesses in the Houston area. We provide fire alarms, burglar alarms, home automation, audio-video, CCTV, and access control. We are a dedicated team that puts security as our top priority. At OFSA Tech, we want to ensure that you have peace of mind about your safety while you are at home or at work. Call us at 832-345-3070 for further details in AliefKingwoodBacliffLake JacksonMagnolia, and other parts of Greater Houston service area.

  • Licensed to install fire alarms & security systems
  • Home & commercial automation options
  • Willing to assist in your fire alarm inspection
  • Indoor & outdoor surveillance specialists
  • Free, no-obligation estimates
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