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Conventional Fire Alarms in The Greater Houston Area

OFSA Tech provides the most efficient conventional fire alarm systems in the Greater Houston area. We provide MS-5UD 5-Zone and MS-10UD 10-Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel.

We offer alarm monitoring systems for residential, industrial, and commercial facilities. As technology evolves in the marketplace, so do our offerings. We provide both telephone-based monitoring systems and wireless monitoring systems.

OFSA Tech Has MS-5UD 5-Zone and MS-10UD 10-Zone Alarm Control Panels

The two boards incorporate implicit communicators for Central Station Service and remote transfer/download. Every one of these FACPs is perfect with System Sensor's microchip-based i3 arrangement locators. These ordinary smoke finders can transmit an upkeep inconvenience flag to the FACP showing the requirement for cleaning and a supervisory stop flag when the encompassing temperature falls underneath the identifier rating.

Furthermore, both the MS-5UD-3 and MS-10UD-7 are good with traditional info. gadgets, for example, two-and four-wire smoke indicators, pull stations, water stream gadgets, alter switches, and other ordinarily open contact gadgets. Allude to the Fire-Lite device compatibility Document for a total posting of good gadgets.

Yields incorporate four NACs (Notification Appliance Circuits), three programmable Form-C transfers (plant customized for Alarm, Trouble, and Supervisory), and 24 VDC uncommon applications resettable and nonresettable power yields. The FACPs oversee all wiring, AC voltage, battery level, and phone line trustworthiness.

OFSA Tech's FireWatch Series Module is Latest in Greater Houston

OFSA Tech can install FireWatch Series web-checking modules IPDACT-2 and IPDACT 2UD that observe caution motions over the Internet, sparing the month-to-month cost of two phone lines.

The new Fire-Lite MS-5UD-3 (five zones) and MS-10UD-7 (ten zones) conventional fire control panels have features normally found in more expensive addressable systems.

Why Choose OFSA Tech For Conventional Fire Alarms in The Greater Houston Area?

OFSA Tech focuses on delivering the most effective and dependable security for homes and businesses in the Houston area. We provide fire alarms, burglar alarms, home automation, audio-video, CCTV, and access control. We are a dedicated team that puts security as our top priority. At OFSA Tech, we want to ensure that you have peace of mind about your safety while you are at home or at work. Call us at 832-345-3070 for further details in AliefKingwoodBacliffLake JacksonMagnolia, and other parts of Greater Houston service area.

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